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Welcome to the most trusted bingo rooms that cater to players from NZ.

Bingo Hall - If you want to play bingo the best place to start is with the most popular bingo room in the world. They offer a wide variety of real money games and allow you to have fun chatting with new found friends from all over the world in the perky chat rooms.

You can also play some pokies on the side. There's a lot of money waiting to be won here and we recommend them highly.

bingo for money

Bingo for Money - Our personal favorite bingo room, sometimes the rooms get really crazy and people are shouting bingo left and right. Of course most people are bluffing and the game goes on. But they really have an exciting atmosphere here.

Lots of money waiting to be won. One crazy old Irish woman kept winning and we were wondering if maybe she was the owner... but no she was just lucky. Great fun.


Vic's Bingo - Discover an amazing bingo experience this bingo room offers addictive gameplay, you always want to stick around to see what people are talking about. It's the chat rooms that make bingo fun and this place is no different.

They have a decent number of players from all regions of New Zealand..